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PyFX Downloads

Below are the distributions of PyFX. We provide pre-compiled binary packages for Windows bundled with the necessary Cg and CgGL runtime libraries. The source is available under the GNU Public License and runs under both Linux and Windows.


PyFX make use of a number of external Python modules. It has been tested under Linux and Windows with the following module versions.

Pre-built packages

There are some pre-built packages for the Windows platform. These are all for Python 2.4:


In order to use PyFX you need a Python interface to the Cg library. This is provided by the PyCg project initially written by Chuck Mason. A distutils-based version of this project also containing a number of critical bug-fixes is available here:

This project requires Numeric, the Cg 1.2 distribution by NVIDIA, SWIG, and a C-compiler to build.

The PyFX framework is written in pure Python and the latest version can be downloaded from here:

The current version of the framework has the ability to render to off-screen areas which can then be used as textures. This support is based on Mark J. Harris' RenderTexture class. A slightly modified version of this class together with the necessary Python interfacing code can be downloaded here:

This module requires the GLEW library available here.


A number of examples of how the PyFX framework can be used are available in the demo-package available here:

Old releases